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Youth Grant Program

CVSF Grant Program is a funding vehicle that provides a sum of money given to a youth sports programs and community leagues. It is designed specifically for youth sports purposes, such as improving sports equipment, safety equipment and helping our youth stay active in any of our youth sports program in Castro Valley, CA. Per our bylaws and articles of incorporation, we can only fund grant requests to verifiable 501(c) non-profit organizations.

Grant Program Details

Funding Source:

The funding source of the grant program comes from three major fundraisers.

  • Annual Golf Tournament
  • Annual Half Marathon & 5K Running Event (aka Lake Chabot Trail Challenge)
  • Bi-Annual Castro Valley Hall of Fame (HOF)

We rely heavily on corporate and business sponsorships to fund our events as well as volunteer support and in-kind donations.

Grant Request Amount

The maximum amount to request for funding is $750.00 USD. Below is the list of program criteria that are in scope and out of scope. This is not an exhaustive list, and the board has the discretion to approve and deny requests within the boundaries of the bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Program Criteria

In Scope

  • Directly serves youth sports programs between the ages of 5-18 years old.
  • Directly serves the youth sports program in Castro Valley, CA
  • Use to purchase sports and safety equipment.
  • Exceptions can be made for non-sponsored sites / facilities with board approval.

Out of Scope

  • Short term events such as sports camps, running events, etc.
  • Registration fees for events or tournaments
  • Individual athletes
  • School sponsored social/award events to include promotional materials, decoration, award certificates, etc.
  • Travel or competitive programs / teams / organizations.
  • Multiple submissions for the same program (i.e. VAR, JV, F/S for Football)

Submission Process & Conditions

If you meet the baseline criteria, please follow the submission process, and understand the program conditions:

  • Fill out the online grant request form in its entirety.
  • Include a cost estimation of the items you are requesting the grant funds for.
  • Grant application forms must be submitted starting the first Monday of June through the 4th Monday of July each year for same year consideration. Early and late submissions will not be considered. It is considered late after the 4th Monday of July.
  • The grant funds must be used in the current sports season year (i.e., 2021-2022). It cannot be carried over to the following year.
  • Grants are reviewed and voted on by the Board of Directors on or before 1st Monday of August of the same year.
  • Checks are presented to Grant recipients at the earliest board meeting after grant approval.
  • Programs receiving grants must submit proof of purchase (i.e. Receipt) to the CVSF board within 6 months on the use of the funds to verify that they were used as originally intended.
  • Grantees who fail to provide a follow-up receipt will not be eligible for future grants.
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We’ve funded dozens of sports programs over the years across Castro Valley because of the support and donations from our wonderful donors.